Rwanda : MRCD Calls for the relocation of the 2020 Commonwealth Summit and requests the release of all political prisoners, open political space and the highly inclusive inter-Rwandan dialogue.

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Queen Elizabeth II

Head of the Commonwealth

Buckingham Palace London,



May it please Your Majesty,

The Rwandan Movement for Democratic Change (RMDC) has the great honour to plead to Your Royal Highness for the grief, suffering and oppression by the regime of Paul Kagame, and note with dismay that it is then same President Kagame who has been chosen as the host for the next Commonwealth Summit next June. It should be noted, moreover, that Rwanda’s dual membership of the Francophonie and the Commonwealth should rightly be considered as part of cultural bargaining and, as such, reveals the purely strategic character of its membership in the Commonwelth.

In fact, for the past 25 years, General Paul Kagame has reigned with terror on Rwandan people in order to overshadow his direct responsibility and that of his Movement (The RPF-Inkotanyi) in the genocide against the Tutsis in 1994, and in the ongoing genocide against the Hutus since 1994. In Rwanda, all observers clearly notice a culture of contempt of humanity, disrespect of the international standards of public law, particularly characterized by the repetitive aggression towards neigbouring countries such as Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Uganda.

In Rwanda, the demands for democratic rights and freedom are crushed. Instead, General Kagame prefers violence and dictatorship, assassination and banishing into exile, his real or supposed opponents. Kindly, note further, that Kagame’s current term is illegitimate since he has reached the limit of his presidential term in 2017. However, he tempered with the Constitution and was elected with a land-sliding majority of 98.8% after manhandling his most strong challengers. While the problem of Rwanda refugees should be resolved in dialogue within the framework of international standards and the principles of humanity, General Kagame’s approach is violence by the use of heavy artillery to exterminate them as their refusal to return home correlates with the fear for their lives once they get inside the country. He just did this in the South Kivu Province (Eastern DRC), where thousands of defenseless Rwandan refugees have been exterminated.

Your Majesty,

Let us reiterate the fundamental values and principles of respect for life, liberty, human rights and pluralism of ideas. Clearly, General Dictator Paul Kagame is against all these values and principles as he recently declared to the BBC journalist that human rights are “nonsense”. We therefore believe that holding Commonwealth Summit in Rwanda is an insult, not only to the organization itself, but to also all the people of the world who have endorsed those principles. We are not expecting any change in the leadership style of the General Dictator Kagame, as a result of the upcoming Commonwealth Summit in Kigali. Today, Kagame has ordered the destruction of old properties and expropriation of the poor people all along the places of the procession so that Commonwealth delegates do not see the misery of the Rwandan people. We fear, with good reasons that the commonwealth delegates will cheer up the dictator who will then have the green light to crush the Rwandan people and that of the sub-region even more.

In view of the above, we request Your Majesty to:

  • Please relocate the Commonwealth Summit and hold it in another country;
  • Ahead of Commonwealth Summit, condemn and impose strong conditions to General Dictator Kagame to release all political prisoners, open political space and publically accept the highly inclusive inter-Rwandan dialogue.

Thank you for considering our request as Commonwealth citizens.

Done in Brussels, February 22nd, 2020


Faustin TWAGIRAMUNGU, Ex-Prime Minister Vice-Chairman and Spokesperson

For the MRCD-Ubumwe,


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