MRCD ibona ite genocide yakorewe Abahutu?


MRCD ishimangira ko Paul Kagame yakoze jenoside y’abahutu ndetse akanatangiza jenoside yakorewe abatutsi. Twagiramungu nawe yaramwunganiye ashimangira ko ubwicanyi bwabaye mu Rwanda bwazanywe na Kagame bukaba bwarafashe intera yahindutsemo jenoside yakorewe abanyarwanda ; akaba asanga ariyo mvugo yari ikwiriye gukor

eshwa kugirango abanyarwanda bose bakorewe ubwo bwicanyi ntibavangurwe nk’uko FPR-Kagame ibikora ivugajenoside yakorewe abatutsi gusa !



Recognition of the Crime of Genocide committed against Hutu population in the African Great Lakes Region

From October 1990, the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) waged war against the then Rwandan government. From the North of the country southward, civilians fled RPF mass atrocities it carried throughout its seized areas “both during the course of combat […] and in the more lengthy process of establishing its control throughout the country” (Des Forges, 1999).


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